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Muchun Pharmaceutical

Luoyang Muchun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a modern pharmaceutical company that mainly produces drugs for external use. The company is located in Luoyang, a famous historical and cultural city in China. Since its establishment in 1988, the company has been adhering to the fine tradition of "taking the world as its own responsibility and fulfilling the full responsibility of society", and has gone through an extraordinary glorious course for more than 30 years.

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Geographical environment of the company

Luoyang Muchun Pharma Co., Ltd. is located in Yanshi, Luoyang, wchih is a famous historical and cultural city in China as well as one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. The company is close to Luohe River in the north with open terrain and convenient transportation. The superior geographical environment has laid a solid foundation for the development and expansion of the company.


Personnel organization and corporate core culture

Beautiful environment builds up outstanding talents. Mr. Xu Chuanxian, chairman of the board, has been adhering to the development concept of "being a man of integrity and making friends with the world" for 30 years, developing in innovation and improve in developing. Under his leadership, there are more than 60 employees, including more than 30% of technical personnel. In detail, we have 7 in the quality management department, 25 in the production department, 10 in the supply and marketing department, and more than 20 people in the departments of storage, finance and office.


Brand and products of the company

The company's premier brands are "Hill tiger", "Cavalier" and "Flower Market". Among them, "Hill tiger" brand has a high market share of cool oil and essential balm, and it is the first brand of the company. The brand of "Cavalier" is full of creativity, beautiful and novel, and catch up from behind.


product type

The company's main products are ointment and liniment. It can produce ointment, medicinal oil, nasal inhaler,cream more than 100 kinds of cream products. We have rich experience in OEM and have perfect quality management system.We passed the FDA factory inspection in 2019, and obtained the approval of FDA prosecutor.


Enterprise management concept

In the process of production and operation, the company adheres to the management policy of "quality is vital than yield and cost", adheres to the service concept of "customer-oriented, credit first, sincere communication, equal intentions", and always takes quality and service as the foundation of an enterprise.


Development prospective

With reliable quality and first-class service, Muchun's products are not only sold well in China, but also will further expand the influence of the brand and be exported to other countries and regions. Luoyang Muchun Pharma Co., Ltd. Will keep making unremitting efforts to create a first-class modern pharmaceutical brand and become the outstanding domestic pharmaceutical manufacturer for external drugs.

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Muchun Pharmaceutical

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Muchun Pharmaceutical

Muchun Pharmaceutical

Muchun Pharmaceutical
Muchun Pharmaceutical

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